Take Me on a Date

I Crave Your Submission Always, Everywhere

I WANT TO sit across from you, play and torment you. Without wearing lingerie, leather or latex. Without being in a dungeon. Smile My pretty, sweet smile. The same smile you crave. The same smile you suffer for.

Maybe dungeons, leather and whips don’t excite you, but spending time with a beautiful dominant woman over dinner or shopping sounds like a dream. Or perhaps you’d like to get to know each other more personally, at a leisurely pace before diving into something more intense.

As a Mistress, every encounter with Me has an intrinsic D/s dynamic: I am the Dom and you are the sub, regardless if we are in a dungeon or elsewhere. Take Me to dinner, the theatre and perhaps enjoy some discreet public play while out on the town. A ‘vanilla-ish’ date is an opportunity to get to know one another personally, while still submitting to My control – the intensity of domination and protocol can be negotiated; Fantastic for developing the chemistry between you and I, through subtle public play, discreet humiliation and obedience training. 

Starting at £120 per hour + expenses

Cocktails or Coffee

Want to get an idea of what I am like before submitting? Want to submit to My control in a casual environment? Meet Me in a dark, alluring cocktail bar or a relaxed coffee shop and let’s find ourselves a discreet nook.

Dinner and…

Food is the only thing I share an equal passion for alongside Domination. Let’s indulge in a tasting menu and sample the dynamic between Me and you. 

Social Rendezvous or be My errand slave

Accompany your Mistress shopping in London (something elegant for Myself and perhaps a chastity device for you?)

Practice your mani/pedi skills or indulge Me alongside on a date to the spa…

Book a place with a kitchen and prepare Me a delicious feast…

Visit a kink shop to try on or design custom latex outfits or get inspiration from new toys to try…

Or simply leave Me to brunch with My friends whilst you diligently shop for My groceries.

Accompany Me to a Fetish Event

Attend a fetish event with Me — be on the leash of, and at the feet of – one of London’s most gorgeous and respected Mistresses. Revel in My attention as My personal submissive for the evening.

What will you do for Me? Your chance to impress starts here.

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