Diary of a London Mistress

THE MESSAGE appeared on his mobile on a Thursday at 10pm: ‘Next Friday evening, NYC. Let me know what time we depart.’ Arrangements were made, details confirmed and they met in the airport lounge. He had a drink prepared, ready for her, as he took her carry-on from her hands. When they arrived it was still early in the City. Departing in the evening and arriving in the afternoon always felt like the hours that
HE ARRIVED a few minutes after her. Standing at the entranceway, bundled in a jacket and scarf, her umbrella pooled raindrops at her feet. She smiled when she saw him approach, looping her arm through his and directed him through the doorway.  They checked in at the front desk, giving fake names because it never mattered anyway. Led down a black staircase by a tidy woman in a grey spa uniform, they were directed to
London Mistress post-lockdown session
At the best of times, BDSM sessions require communication, transparency and trust, but even more so during a period when encountering other people generally presents an increased risk. During the time of Covid-19, it is critical that we understand and mitigate as many risks as possible, therefore, the following protocol will be in place until further notice for the safety of My submissives, Myself and our community. Information current as of: 23rd Feb 2021Current UK
FemDom Mistress looking

(work in progress)

Posted on April 12, 2020
YOU SAT AT THE table, waiting patiently for me to appear. The instructions had been clear – order a glass of red wine and then wait in silence for my arrival, forbidden to speak to anyone including the wait staff. It felt like ages as the minutes ticked by. You kept your gaze averted in hopes that you would not attract unneeded attention and be forced to be rude to the waitress. A wave of
LONDON’S CLUB PEDESTAL is London’s biggest FemDom event, devoted to the Dominant woman and the subs who worship Her. It attracts hundreds of beautiful people with a wide array of FemDom kinks, single Mistresses and subs, couples and more. If you have ever felt alone in your love of FemDom, Club Pedestal will instantly change your mind! I’ve been a Dungeon Monitor at Club Pedestal for over three years now. As a London Mistress (both
London Mistress

Objects in the Rearview Mirror

Posted on March 30, 2020
I’ve loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.The Old Astronomer – Sarah Williams RUSHING out of the metro station I was met by a cold drizzle. The entire city was wet, reflections smeared into blurry colors across puddles. I moved quickly towards the venue – the last thing I wanted was to be late. I had been invited to a private party, one of a few uncollared subs to have the
Mistress objectifies submissive
THE DIFFERENCE between Domination and submission and Topping and bottoming is a much-debated topic. Many in the kink scene who indulge in power exchange relationships and BDSM activities have never considered the difference between the two; often defaulting to the terms Dominant or submissive (or switch) without considering what it means to the person they might be negotiating with. Since it’s important to have a shared definition when discussing concepts with other people, I thought it could be
London Mistress in shower
I enjoy having my subs write for Me and occasionally, I enjoy gifting them a writing in return. This was for a certain green eyed sub who enchanted me, but was never meant to be Mine. THE WATER streamed down my body, spray droplets collecting on the glass, tinted blue with steam. The heat seeped into my body, relaxing my tired muscles after a long day. Bubbles from the soap collected at my toes before
AS I ROUND the corner to the bar, I see you, sitting on a low stool at a table crowded by cocktails, circled by a few friends. You are sharply dressed, but somehow still looking relaxed. We look at each other at the same moment, a mutual catch of the eye, a coincidence that would only be repeated by intention. I sit at the bar and order from my favourite bartender with just an acknowledgment.
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