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Discretion is 100% assured – I will never compromise your privacy and expect the same from you. I will never use any of your contact details in an unsolicited manner, nor share them with third parties. I will not call or text you, unless agreed beforehand or if you have shared your contact details previously and specifically and expressly state that you are happy for Me to contact you in this way. Booking specifics are organised and confirmed via email only. If we were to randomly encounter each other in real like – walking down the street or on the tube, in a cafe or cocktail bar, or anywhere else – I will never approach you or imply that I know you and will expect the same from you.

I am a Femdom Mistress and naturally Dominant; it’s a critical part of both my identity and my sexuality. I do not switch. I submit only to the rules of grammar, tube delays and happy hour in a cocktail bar. 

I do not accept annoying, non-consensual attempts to dominate Me, even masked as ”cheekiness” or ”brattiness”. Unless this is part of a pre-negotiated role play, any attempts to dominate Me will be considered crossing one of My personal boundaries, the session will be cut short and you will be asked to leave without a refund.

While I respect your kinks, we may not share all of them – I will observe your boundaries and limits and expect you to respect Mine likewise.

While many of my sessions are intense, highly erotic, sensual experiences that can feel very intimate, and most are CFnm, I do not allow intimate body worship or engage in sexual acts (not limited to kissing, nudity on my part, handjobs, blowjobs, penetration of any part of my body, live sex shows, etc).

You are not permitted to touch my body without consent or direction, however you will willingly submit your body, mind and soul to Me as we play within your pre-agreed limits.

If you impress Me, I may allow you to enjoy your own sexual self-relief — but this is ONLY if I am pleased with your service.

I do not provide the following fetishes: smoking, farting, adult baby, racial or religious humiliation, sounding, needles, watersports, hardsports, wrestling or sploshing. If you are interested in any of these, I would be happy to share the details of a Mistress friend who loves this type of play.

Every scenario is different, so outside of these hard limits, do not be afraid to ask.

If you disrespect my boundaries, your session will be immediately terminated and you will be required to leave without a refund.

I do appear on Skype and chat when it is in My best interest to do so. Therefore, I’d suggest that you be persuasive in requesting My time. I will decide when/if you have earned these contact details.

I do not use Kik or Snapchat. I do have private channels of communication and content for My most loyal and dedicated submissives.

As a woman who ‘enjoys the chase’, I choose My personal/lifestyle slaves from My regular, long term, loyal subs and pursue them – after all, they have already learned my preferences through regular sessions and showed their commitment. If you are interested, book a session and use that time to impress me and demonstrate your potential, skills, usefulness and ability to meet My high standards.

Just because we can’t meet in person doesn’t mean you can’t serve Me. There are plenty of ways I can tease and torment you from afar.

I offer limited, pre-arranged opportunities to serve over webcam, phone and messenger. See webcam and online domination for full details and contact Me to book.

I happily spend time with regular subs and long term slaves – my preferred pets – whenever time allows.

Others who wish Me to meet them for drinks, dinner or lead them to a fetish event can enjoy this experience, subject to the appropriate tribute. I love to be taken out for cocktails, dinner or to check out that new foodie market that you read about on a blog, especially if it gives Me the opportunity to know you better and involves a bit of subtle play. Further, impressing Me with your foodie knowledge is a great way to serve a Mistress who shares this passion!

I sell used panties, stockings, sweaty gym socks, spit, nail clippings, Mistress’ champagne and more… All genuine, owned, worn, loved; each a little piece of Me…

Worship My waste.

Yes, of course, it is Me! Do you think a catfish would spend this much time making a website? They can’t type!

I rarely show My face because, aside from being a lifestyle and pro-Domme, I am a successful businesswoman. I am often told by subs that photos don’t do me justice and I am even sexier in real life with unforgettable eyes and a wicked, beautiful smile. Find out for yourself.

My tribute is only negotiable upwards. As they say of the very finest things in life, if you need to ask you can’t afford it.

I get such a rush when I’m sent a gift by an admirer! If you’re feeling enamored by Me, see what gifts would make Me smile right here.

You can find other profiles of mine at the following links. There you can leave reviews and tips!



Other than that, it depends on what you seek.

I am always approachable, but as a Mistress, I am only interested in serious inquiries and your most respectful, compliant behavior. I expect you to follow my instructions and your understanding and acceptance of this shows me that you are serious about submitting. If you are concerned regarding etiquette, it is best to err on the side of politeness and generosity – begin as you mean to go on by impressing me and making yourself useful.

You may book a session or gift me to get my attention.

So easy, it hurts – submitting the booking inquiry form or sending an email to mistresslex@protonmail.com is your first opportunity to submit. Communicate clearly (first submit to the rules of grammar and punctuation!) and share as much information as possible. I will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss and coordinate.

I do not accept phone calls, text messages, Twitter messages for session bookings or engage in idle chat on messenger unless we have a specially agreed, ongoing arrangement. After our first session, future sessions can be arranged directly via email.

Time is a non-renewable resource, so I conduct all of my business and social engagements by advanced arrangement only. Antici…pation is sweet and I lead a busy life outside my Dominant pursuits. I do not offer same-day bookings at this time and am rarely available at short notice, so plan in advance to avoid disappointment. Preference is always given to my regular and long-term subs and slaves.

All sessions require a deposit of 50% in advance to be paid by PayPal, bank transfer or other arrangements to confirm the session.

After receiving your deposit, I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and answer any questions you may have, so I offer a complimentary 15-minute chat at my discretion. We can schedule a time to speak on the phone or email back and forth. During our chat be polite, respectful and concise – I don’t shock or embarrass easily and I won’t judge anything you’d like to share (without a doubt, I will have heard it many times before!), so speak freely about your kink curiosities, interests, favorite ways to serve a Mistress, limits and any medical or health conditions that could be aggravated.

Your tribute will depend on the type of engagement and time. All appointments are confirmed with a discreet deposit of 50% of the total booking contributed in advance by PayPal, bank transfer or by another arrangement. Deposit details are provided once the date and time are agreed upon.

The remainder of the tribute should be given in cash at the start of the session, without being asked, pre-counted and in an envelope. This will save you the time and embarrassment of having to pull out your wallet and count it in front of Me or take a trip to the cashpoint, eating up our time together.

Insider tip: tucking the tribute into a copy of your favourite book or one you think I’d enjoy is always a great way to make an impression!

I welcome novices and experienced subs and slaves alike, singles, couples (and moresomes!) of any gender and sexual orientation, as well as secretly switchy Doms (your secret is safe with Me!). I love group play and can coordinate double Domme sessions, experiences with other subs, a vanilla audience, and more. Lastly, I am happy to mentor couples who are taking their first steps down the Femdom rabbit hole. 

I do not offer sexual services, but due to the erotic nature of Domination and submission, you must be over the age of 18 to see Me. If you come for a session and are lucky enough to have a pretty baby face, I will request to see ID. 

I session from various discreet, well-equipped, clean dungeons in Central London (most often at the Peacock Parlour in North London, N1), occasionally NYC and other places that I might be traveling. If you prefer an alternative location, let me know when discussing your booking. Details, including travel directions, will be provided in your confirmation. 

Domestic settings can be arranged if appropriate to the session, as well as restaurants and cocktail bars for discreet public play.

Sessions at hotels are available ONLY to regular submissives whom I know and trust. Occasionally I will make an exception if a sub is willing to undergo additional vetting.

Paying a deposit shows me that you have overcome any initial concerns or fears regarding our time together and shows that you are serious about serving Me; this is rewarded with equally serious consideration of your application. 

Your deposit allows Me to confidently block off valuable time in my schedule to spend with you. It’s standard amongst Dommes to prevent no-shows and last-minute cancellations and is a critical first step in bringing our D/s dynamic to life – an assurance on both sides that we are committed to the session.

If you are running late, please let me know through email as soon as possible. All the time that is lost due to your lateness will be taken out of our session time. If I am running late I will notify you via email (or text if previously agreed) and any lost time will be added onto the session. If you are running more than 15 min late and I do not hear from you, I will assume you are not going to show up and the session will be immediately cancelled. If you fail to attend your booking with no notice given, you will be blacklisted and future bookings will be rejected.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a session entirely, I expect that you will provide reasonable notice. Full details of how to cancel or reschedule will be provided in My initial email response to your inquiry.

Deposits are non-refundable, however can be applied to a future session (less any hire fees) at My discretion if you have provided adequate notice of at least 48 hours. If you are unable to attend the booking and give less than 48 hours’ notice, your deposit is forfeit.

I am a very organised woman, so cancellations from me are very rare. However, should I need to cancel our session, your deposit can be transferred to a future date. If rescheduling is not an option, say because you are visiting for a short time, your deposit will be fully refunded to you.

If you have any questions in advance of a booked appointment, please feel free to email and I will get back to you within 48 hours, but often much quicker. Please do not put us both in an embarrassing situation by asking for My phone number, personal messenger details, Skype (unless you have booked an online session), expecting My attention or becoming too familiar between sessions. 

Only subs with whom I have an ongoing arrangement are allowed the privilege of keeping in touch in between sessions – they have earned this advantage through their dedication and show respect for My boundaries.

I don’t discriminate against anyone who wants to see Me. I do request that you divulge and discuss any health concerns so we can work together to accommodate these. It is very rare for health problems to be a barrier to a great time, but it does help for Me to know in advance so that I can plan accordingly.

Not only is it possible, but I love group play.  Express your interest when booking and I will make the arrangements. Of course, tributes for joint sessions are higher.

Yes, absolutely. As long as you are polite and respectful then we can explore your fetish on an equal level.

Most of My sessions take place in clean, well-equipped and discreet dungeons and playspaces in London and New York City. If you prefer an alternative location, let Me know when discussing your booking.

Domestic settings can be arranged if appropriate to the session, as well as restaurants and cocktail bars for discreet public play.

Sessions at hotels are available ONLY to regular submissives whom I know and trust. Occasionally I will make an exception if a sub is willing to undergo additional vetting. I never session at anyone’s home / personal playspaces.

I absolutely LOVE discreet public Femdom play. I want to own you in public, play and torment you; tease you with My eyes and My smile, while you submit your mind and body to my control.

Taking Me on a date is an opportunity to get to know one another outside of a dungeon playspace or fetish club, while still submitting to My control.


Preparing for a session with a Mistress is very much like preparing for a promising date – you do want to leave a positive impression, don’t you? 

Arrive showered, well-groomed, smelling nice and have fresh, minty breath. Perhaps you are coming directly from work and circumstances don’t allow you to do prepare fully – you may request to have a shower at the dungeon if you wish. If you want any substantial anal play, then please do make sure you properly clean yourself before arrival.

Come in a submissive state of mind – every decision you make leading up to our session should be made with My pleasure in mind. 

Arrive on time for your appointment. Your session will start and conclude at the pre-agreed time and will not be extended for late arrival. If you are running late, let me know through email as soon as possible – I will be looking forward to our session, so don’t leave Me waiting! All the time that is lost due to your lateness will be taken out of our time together. If I am running late I will let you know via email (or text if previously agreed) and any lost time will be added onto the session. If you are running more than 15 min late and I do not hear from you I will assume you are not coming and the session will be immediately canceled.

Prepare the remainder of your tribute in advance. It should be pre-counted and presented in an envelope or tucked into a book that you think I would enjoy. Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated, especially if it’s something we can enjoy together.

Because someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol cannot give their consent, if you arrive intoxicated I will keep your tribute and send you on your way without completing our session. It’s further critical that you tell Me of any medications that you may be taking – prescribed or over the counter.

Failing to follow the rules I set for a session will end our session early. No exceptions – rudeness and unnegotiated boundary-crossing will never be tolerated.

Upon arrival to My dungeon or private playspace, I expect you to speak only when spoken to. Before any play begins we will have a short, light chat, so that I can learn more about your previous experience, interests, and curiosities (including anything you might have been too shy to mention before) and limits; to get to know each other a little bit, lift any nervousness you may feel and ease you into our experience together. During this time please make Me aware of anything that may impact our session or dynamic such as health concerns, injuries, ownership by other Mistress or severe negative triggers/phobias.

When I am ready, I will instruct you to remove your clothes and kneel for me. This indicates our session has begun.

Optionally, (with subs I have played with before and confirmed before the session) we can get straight onto it, having discussed your likes and dislikes previously via email or over the phone and established our dynamic through past sessions. In this case, our session will begin immediately upon arrival.

My sessions are always crafted to find the most enticing intersection between our interests and fetishes, allowing us both to fully embody our respective roles; sessions are never scripted, but I always aim to ensure that time spent with Me is exhilarating and unforgettable.

In addition to your booked time, I always allow a little time after session for a post-session chat, drink and to freshen up (if you wish to) before leaving.

Your safety – both physical and psychological – is paramount to Me. All of My sessions operate with personal responsibility, informed consensual kink (PRICK).

This means that within sessions, you are required to communicate if you are feeling any kind of distress that is not caused specifically and intentionally by Me.

You will have two safewords: one to reduce the intensity of activities at that moment and/or to have a check-in, perhaps changing from one activity to another – and one which will stop the session entirely. I use RED as a universal safeword to stop the session. If you stop the session using a safeword, we will take some time to discuss to understand your reaction and ensure your safety and comfort for the future.

If you’re gagged or in any other way stopped you from being able to speak, I will give you a signal to gain my attention immediately should you need.

Your consent can be withdrawn at any time without pressure or guilt by using the safeword. You are expected to use your safeword if you need or want to at any time.

I will never push your limits without consent – if you are looking for an extreme Mistress, you will find Her elsewhere. You may be submissive, but you are still a person and I use my role responsibly.

Someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol cannot give their consent, therefore if you arrive intoxicated, I will keep your tribute and send you on your way without completing our session. Do not bring illegal drugs or alcohol to be consumed during our session.

Gifts of craft gin, whiskey and rum are welcome for your Mistress, but will be enjoyed outside of the session.

Can’t have any lasting marks? Don’t want to be marked on specific areas of your body? Or perhaps you love to wear your bruises and stripes with pride?

Inform Me as to your limitations or desires for marks when booking and again during our initial conversation. I will always respect your boundaries and limitations and act accordingly.

A lot of subs don’t enjoy the sensation of pain (some may suffer a little bit as punishment or to please Me), but certainly, we can have a session with no pain (or a tiny taster if you wish to explore slowly and gently).

Remember that there are many BDSM activities and practices that do not involve any pain at all – from foot and body worship, to tie and tease, edging, sensation play, domestic servitude, bondage and many more.

Explore more of my Femdom interests here and let’s discuss what sparks your curiosity and excitement.

The dungeon has a shower available with fresh, fluffy towels and basic toiletries to freshen up before or after our session. Let Me know if you would like additional time to use the facilities.

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