Protocol for a ‘new normal’: Domination in the time of Covid-19

At the best of times, BDSM sessions require communication, transparency and trust, but even more so during a period when encountering other people generally presents an increased risk. During the time of Covid-19, it is critical that we understand and mitigate as many risks as possible, therefore, the following protocol will be in place until further notice for the safety of My submissives, Myself and our community.

Information current as of: 23rd Feb 2021
Current UK Covid level: Virus in general circulation; gradual relaxing of restrictions over the next several months
Sessions anticipated: from 12th April 2021 – TBC
Protocol will be updated regularly to reflect current recommendations; additional precautions can be arranged upon request.

It’s understandable that many subs will not want to have sessions until such time as they feel confident in the safety of themselves and their Mistress, however since different people have different levels of tolerance towards risk, some will feel confident sooner than others.

While I am incredibly excited to see My subs again and get back to ‘normal’ (I am dreaming about it every night!), the safety of My submissives and Myself is very important – I want all of my pets alive, healthy and well! If you do not yet feel ready to see your Mistress in person, do not feel bad – you can still adore Me, worship Me and fill my desire to control you, use you and humiliate you via online sessions or surprise Me with a gift.


  • Do not leave your residence if you are showing symptoms of Covid-19 — according to the World Heath Organisation (WHO), these include: fever, fatigue, dry cough most commonly and aches and pains, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, diarrhea, a loss to sense of smell or taste. 
  • Based on current evidence, WHO says asymptomatically infected individuals are less likely to transmit the virus than those who develop symptoms, however, more research is required to confirm this.
  • Therefore, during this time of life, being in close interaction with other people presents a health risk. 
  • Here’s what the experts know about Covid-19 (discover what the WHO knows) – do not believe rumours and conjecture, but rather only doctors and scientists who are working tirelessly on tackling this virus.

For the protection of all, the following protocol is offered and expected if you wish to session with Me as lockdown is lifted:

A reduced number of bookings will be accepted, with a preference towards:

  • Submissives with whom I have sessioned pre-lockdown and have a trusted relationship 
  • Submissives who supported Me financially during lockdown
  • Those committing to multiple sessions 
  • 2+ hour session bookings

It’s always valuable to foster an ongoing and loyal relationship with your Mistress and this has never been more true than in the past. As you will see with many Mistresses, We are prioritising those who looked after Us during lockdown – whether through a financial contribution, a gift to brighten Our day or even just a hello to show they care about Our health, wellbeing and business interests.

Session bookings:

  • Sessions are confirmed ONLY in advance and with receipt of the full session fee in advance
  • Sessions will be held ONLY at Peacock Parlour, which is within walking distance of My home. This enables Me to travel to the playspace while social distancing and in the open air, reducing the risk of exposure before arrival. Peacock Parlour is currently operating with strict cleanliness procedures in place (deep cleaning and disinfecting between guests), as well as operating for a limited number of bookings only. 
  • You are encouraged to travel to your session through walking, biking or any other method that reduces time spent in close, closed proximity to crowds.
  • Temporarily, sessions will not include spitting or the transmission of any other bodily fluids. 
  • Despite all of the precautions in place, by booking and attending a session, you are acknowledging and accepting the risk that you may be exposed to Covid-19.
  • A recap and additional session-specific protocol will be provided with your booking confirmation.


  • In between any sessions happening the same day, the dungeon will be deep cleaned and I will shower and sanitize between interactions
  • If your temperature is elevated, alert Me and do not attend – we will postpone your session for another time with no penalty. You will be subject to a temperature check before entering the dungeon. If your temperature is elevated, you will not be allowed to enter, sent home and you will forfeit your entire tribute for putting us both and the community at risk.
  • Upon arrival and before entry, you will be presented with an alcohol hand sanitizer to clean your hands. 
  • Your outer clothes will be removed in the vestibule and placed in a plastic bag before entering the main dungeon space.
  • Depending on guidelines at the time, you may be required to wear a mask during the session (and, upon request, I will wear one as well when in close proximity), and I will wear gloves when touching your hands, face or anywhere else on your body. 

If you or someone you are regularly exposed to are immuno-compromised, elderly or otherwise vulnerable, I request that you do not book a session at this time, but rather get in touch and we can work together to reduce the risk and find a way to make it work!

Contact London Mistress Lex to book a session

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