Worthy of my submission – slave Matt

I saw Mistress Lex for the first time a few weeks ago. Somewhere I had read on her profile “girl next door beauty and charm” and I think that is what had initially attracted me. When I first met her I realized that was an understatement. Mistress Lex is really beautiful – in fact, “girl next door beauty” is exactly how I would describe her. She is really really pretty. It only took a few minutes conversation to realize that she is also very intelligent, interesting and charming. Just within the first few minutes of meeting her I was utterly enraptured.

Mistress Lex has a very natural calm confidence and demeanor. She has a great smile and a twinkle in her eye. She is very articulate and insightful. In session, she was sometimes strict sometimes playful. She is easily in control. She is petite and strong. She is subtle and sharp. She can really hurt you but she has a lovely gentle touch and for her to just stroke my hair felt special.

I have been to see many Mistresses over the last twenty years and I would say that Mistress Lex is probably the most special I have come across. She is a special, strong woman, comfortable in her own skin. As a submissive man, my perspective is that it is important that who I “serve” is in some sense “worthy” of that effort. With Mistress Lex, I didn’t have to pretend – her intelligence, beauty and sweet smile made me feel, very quickly, that I wanted to serve her and to spend time in her presence.

I cannot recommend her highly enough for the sub who genuinely cares about their Mistress and wants a differentiated experience.

Dec 2020

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