sub a, Mistress Lex’s new toy

Right from the start it was clear that Mistress Lex was in control and in charge and knew exactly how She wanted to play with Her brand new little toy.

It was electric to be in Mistress Lex’s presence, as She has an energy that matches Her beauty for its ability to put you on your knees. She led me through the session with skill, with the most discerning eye, and was able to take me to the brink of my limits and back. Yet for Her, I still wanted more. 

She will instruct, control, punish and play. All for Her own wicked amusement. She will be merciless in Her appraisal of you and your efforts to please–taunting, teasing, and with a humour that will leave you hard-pressed not to crack a smile yourself.

I enjoyed every second of it, safe in the knowledge I was in the hands of someone who values honesty and respect, and a healthy dose of kink to boot!

July 2020

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