sub dani’s training

As always Mistress Lex was very warm, understandable and professional when planning a meeting and answered all my questions before putting something in the diary. Already a couple of days before I started to become nervous and excited since I was about to meet Mistress Lex again the next Saturday.
That Saturday afternoon she was already waiting for me and greeted me very friendly and welcoming before she took me into the dungeon. Mistress Lex is just an amazing strong and beautiful woman, in her leather outfit and boots she just looks like a dream, proud that I am here to serve Her. After a nice and friendly chat, where She checked again if everything on my interest list was still okay before we continued. 

After undressing and kneeling in front of Her,  I had to ask Mistress Lex if I could wear her collar before she put the collar and cuffs on me. She told me to follow her (crawling) into the middle of the studio as where she sat down on a bench I had the honor to adore her beautiful leather boots. What an honor to lick and kiss her boots and loved every moment of it. After Mistress Lex was happy with the result she made me follow her to the bondage bench in the middle of the studio, where I was tied up in a kneeled position, my wrists, ankles, legs, and arms all tied and secured with leather cuffs and belts. There I was fixated on a bench, naked and vulnerable, but at the same time I felt safe and secure knowing Mistress Lex would look after me and I could feel her hands going over my body as she moved to the front of the bench. She pulled my head up by my hair and looked me deep in my eyes, “so, you have nowhere to go now, all tied up and vulnerable I can do whatever I want with you”…before she put a blindfold over my eyes and I could hear her heels move to the back of the bench…..and I could feel and hear the first strokes hitting my skin. Before exploring some anal training it was the first time for a proper warm-up by some impact play, I can only imagine how beautiful Mistress Lex looked with the flogger in her hand. It was an experience that resembles something in between pain and pleasure and it felt amazing to take the impact for Her. 

Mistress Lex told me it was time for my training and was going to see if I had done my anal practice properly before starting to bring in some fingers, this was such an amazing feeling and helped me relax to open up. Mistress Lex showed me her strap on and I had the pleasure to have it in my mouth and suck it to make sure it was all wet and ready to go. When Mistress Lex was happy she made sure to put in a gag with a dildo as well, this would keep me quiet while she was going to continue.
The next part of the session was amazing and my body was shaking while she was using me. MIstress Lex is very professional and knows how to push boundaries while staying within your limits, this makes you are always aware and on your toes when Mistress Lex is around, after all the only thing I really wanted was to make her proud and happy. After Mistress Lex was happy with my progress she decided it was enough for now. 

As always I kneeled in front of her and kissed her both feed and hands before she told me to get up again. 

Once again an amazing experience with one of London’s most beautiful and professional women, thank You Mistress Lex…..I hope to see you again soon! X 

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