Sub j’s appointment with Doctor Lex

It was with a fluttering heartbeat and much nervous anticipation that I walked up the corridor and knocked on the door of the dungeon for a session of psychological treatment with Doctor Lex.  How had it come to this? 

I first found Mistress Lex on Twitter and liked her tweets;  naturally enough, I then discovered her website which is both interesting and informative.  And soon, I was unable to resist emailing her asking for a session and suggesting an outline to a fantasy scenario. 

We had an email exchange where she gleaned further information about me and she responded both positively and enthusiastically to most of my suggestions. It had quickly become apparent that Mistress Lex is intelligent, articulate and has a genuine enjoyment of dominating her subs. 

Back to the present, Doctor Lex opens the door and welcomes me in to her clinic with a warm smile.  So friendly, so welcoming and such bewitching and seductive eyes.  I was instantly at ease in Mistress Lex’s presence and readily submitted to her.  What was particularly enjoyable was that she had put a great deal of effort into specifically devising various treatments that were appropriate and mutually enjoyable.  Intense pain was mixed with intense eroticism. Bliss! Like a fly irresistibly drawn to a trap, I shall be visiting again and again and again and ……….. 

July 2020

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