Teasing and denying sub CK

Over the past few months, I’ve had a few sessions with Mistress Lex, and I can safely say that each session is more enjoyable than the last!

Firstly, she is very good at creating the perfect atmosphere. You can feel the aura of her dominance as soon as you enter the room. Smiley, confident, and extremely sexy.

She is very quick at catching onto your weaknesses and will pit them against you in such a teasing way that it’ll leave you desperate for more. You can see the enjoyment she gets out of being the one in control. She will tease you till your eyes roll back, and then do it another 10 times…

Be warned, if you do step out of line she will be there to remind you of your place.
Communicative, honest and copious amounts of fun, I am looking forward to my next session with her already!

Feb 2020

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