Curious about what a session with me would be like?
Hear from those who have served me already…

Mistress Lex provided me with some 1–to–1 coaching on domination over webcam – I’m new to the scene and really wanted to feel a bit more confident in what I was doing. Safe to say she was the perfect person to learn from. Open, full of knowledge, kind and funny – I had an evening of brilliant enlightenment. She totally tailored the session to what I exactly needed and she went above and beyond my

Mentoring for a new FemDom

As always Mistress Lex was very warm, understandable and professional when planning a meeting and answered all my questions before putting something in the diary. Already a couple of days before I started to become nervous and excited since I was about to meet Mistress Lex again the next Saturday. That Saturday afternoon she was already waiting for me and greeted me very friendly and welcoming before she took me into the dungeon. Mistress Lex is just

sub dani’s training

It was with a fluttering heartbeat and much nervous anticipation that I walked up the corridor and knocked on the door of the dungeon for a session of psychological treatment with Doctor Lex.  How had it come to this?  I first found Mistress Lex on Twitter and liked her tweets;  naturally enough, I then discovered her website which is both interesting and informative.  And soon, I was unable to resist emailing her asking for a session

Sub j’s appointment with Doctor Lex

Right from the start it was clear that Mistress Lex was in control and in charge and knew exactly how She wanted to play with Her brand new little toy. It was electric to be in Mistress Lex’s presence, as She has an energy that matches Her beauty for its ability to put you on your knees. She led me through the session with skill, with the most discerning eye, and was able to take me to the brink

sub a, Mistress Lex’s new toy

Everything happened with a smile, wicked wicked smile. One of those you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s head… Definitely keeping you on edge! Better a pleasurable pain or painful pleasure? A question that, as many others, got me thinking carefully before answering. … Read more…sub P’s first time

sub P’s first time

She is very quick at catching onto your weaknesses and will pit them against you in such a teasing way that it’ll leave you desperate for more. You can see the enjoyment she gets out of being the one in control. She will tease you till your eyes roll back, and then do it another 10 times… … Read more…Teasing and denying sub CK

Teasing and denying sub CK

In session, she was sometimes strict sometimes playful… I have been to see many Mistresses over the last twenty years and I would say that Mistress Lex is probably the most special I have come across. … Read more…Worthy of my submission – slave Matt

Worthy of my submission – slave Matt

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