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trib·ute / tribyo͞ot

1. An act, statement or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect or admiration.
2. Payment made periodically by one [body] to another ruler, especially as a sign of dependence.

INTERESTED in making an impression? Why not begin your submission to Me in the most humble, generous and unforgettable way… with a gift? Perhaps you are unable to serve due to time and life commitments… or simply enjoy making anonymous gifts to a beautiful woman.

I love to wake up to money in my account and surprise deliveries in my hall. Gifting is as good a way to serve Me as any other; it lets me know that you appreciate Me and want to see me thrive. A gift is something given without expectation of something in return; they do not garner you any special privileges or buy services that I would not usually provide.

Even the smallest gesture does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Cash Tributes

Sending Me cash is the fastest way to excite Me and attract My evaluative interest. That exhilaration is the start to all of My most pleasurable relationships – when I take your money, you give your power over to me in the most direct way. Trust Me, I get far more enjoyment out of spending and investing your money than you could ever possibly imagine.

  • Acorns giftcards* (allows Me to invest your tribute or take it in cash immediately)
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express giftcards*
  • PayPal & Giftrocket
  • Literal cash, secured and mailed*

Send to

* These methods are ANONYMOUS to Me except for your username/email address.

Wishlists and Giftcards

Choose something from My Amazon Wishlist (I’m already doing the thinking for you!), which is kept updated with little things that make Me smile. Amazon giftcards to buy Kindle books are also appreciated.

Prefer to Choose Your Own?

For the submissive wishing to make their own gesture, here are some of My favorites. You’ll love seeing Me wearing your gift… and if you are a good pet, I will thank you personally with photos!

Do not feel limited by the items listed here – I’d love it if you introduce Me to some of your own .

Shoes and Boots

Put something befitting on My pretty feet that are as worship-worthy as they are.

Matches Fashion


I prefer My lingerie luxury, elegant and edgy…

Matches Fashion


The smooth feel of latex against My skin is as erotic as it gets…

Zorenko London
Vital Vein Latex

Sex and Fetish Toys

Gift Me new inspiration and devilish gadgets – send Me something you hope – or fear – I will use on you!

Mr S Leather
Daisy’s Floggers
Quality Control

Bites and Drinks

Food is the only thing I love equally to having a delightful sub at My feet…

Sweets: Crosstown donuts

Dinner: I love an elegant meal out with friends and lovers as much as I love a local secret with amazing food. Cocktails are always a delight. Favorite cuisines are Indian, Sri Lankan, Malay, Thai… anything spicy…

Drinks: Premium and small-batch gins, rum, mezcal, pisco, whiskey… I love anything unique and limited edition.

Beauty, Health and Wellbeing

Even the most demanding Mistresses need some aftercare.

Frame Fitness ~ ClassPass
Snowboard and Climbing gear

All the Critical Details…

Birthday: April 29
Un-birthday: All other days of the year

Favorite colors: Burgundy, black, gray, blue, gold
Favorite scents: Vanilla, musk (no strong florals please)

Height: 5′ 2″
Shoe: UK 5 / USA 7 / EU 38
Bra: 32D | Panties: Small
Tops: S, UK 10
Bottoms: S, waist size 27

* Please do not forget to include a receipt in case an adjustment is required.

Do you want me to spoil you back?

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