London Mistress Lex

I’m the ‘girl-next-door’ with natural beauty, charm, a lovely American accent and a not-so-secret addiction to 6-inch heels! Originally from NYC, I am confident, independent and I know what I want. 

London Mistress Lex at Peacock Parlour

You will find Me to be an intelligent, engaging conversationalist and charming company when out and about, but don’t let this impression fool you – I am an experienced and strict Mistress who expects unconditional obedience from Her subs.

Petite but curvy. Beautiful eyes that will seduce and corrupt you. An impossibly sweet, sometimes cruel smile. The smile you will come to crave. The smile you will aspire to submit to, to suffer for. 

Whips and leather, severe looks and cruel orders hold nothing to a true smile and a whisper. You know which holds more power. I will make you melt.

I discovered my Dominance when I was very young; I loved power and being in control before I even knew there was a word to describe the dynamic I craved. Imagine Me as a charming, but demanding young woman making young men buckle at their knees without knowing why – a teenage temptress always in control… I grew into a beautiful, whip-smart Mistress with a honed and devious mind.

True Dominance is rare and you’ll recognise it when you find Me.


Your gorgeous Enchantress. Your cruel Mistress.
The Queen of your heart.
Your dream, reality, and future.
The One who sees and embraces the real you.
Your pain and pleasure.



“She is very quick at catching onto your weaknesses, and will pit them against you in such a teasing way that it’ll leave you desperate for more”

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I live for Domination. I celebrate it, and relish the electricity of it, with every fibre of my being. I can see no better reason for being alive.

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